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The Voice Vol. 1

-ain't no sunshine anymore
-all alone, by myself. Don't leave me all alone for someone else
-all I wanna do is give you some loving
-all over
-I wanna give you all the love that you need
-back on my feet, I'm back on the street
-be somebody, got to be someone
-got to be yourself, stop being somebody else
-got to believe
-get down and boogie tonite
-break it, we gonna shake it, we gonna break these chains we gonna make it
-don't wanna break your heart, oh no
-keep on breaking my heart, again
-I will always stay by your side
-can you dig it
-I can't get enough of your stuff
-can't stop losin you
-can't take my eyes of you
-can't you see, you put a spell on me
-caught up in the trap
-I wanna get close 2 u
-so come along
-come into my life
-come on
-come on, it's alright
-come on n party, celebrate, come on n party, don't hesitate now

-dance, come on and dance now
-dance and get down. dance, get of the ground
-come on down do da funk
-do it 2 me one more time
-let's do it 2 nite cause the night is the night
-do it to me one more time (variation)
-doin it right
-I'm doin what I got 2 do
-don't do me wrong
-don't fall in luv, never fall in luv
-don't give up
-don't go away (1), I want you now. why don't you stay
-don't go away (2), you have to stay
-don't know what 2 do I can't think of nothing but you
-don't know what 2 say, don't know what to do. Words go away when I think of you
-don't look back, never look back
-don't push the button now
-don't stop
-don't take it all, all on me
-don't wanna break your heart, oh no
-it's up to you to make your dream come true
-dreamin of u all the time, dreamin of you gonna make you mine
-elastic, so fantastic
-everybody dance, everybody get down. everybody dance, everybody gone touch the ground
-everyday and every night
-everything I do, I do it for you
-everytime I look around your the only one I see
-express what you feel
-got my eyes on you

-face 2 face
-got to be fantasy for you and me
-can you feel it
-no one made me feel like this before
-you make me feel so good
-feel so high (1)
-feel so high (2)
-can you feel the heat
-wanna feel your love
-feels like heaven (1) in your arms
-feels like heaven (2) in your arms (variation)
-it feels so good, it can't be wrong
-fly like a bird and leave the world behind
-fly so high, I wanna fly to the sky
-you're my fonky star, yeah that's who you are
-gotta freakin funky soul

-I gave u my love I gave you my heart. I gave you my soul right from the start
-get down n boogie
-get in the groove (1) get into the groove, make you body move
-get in the groove (2)
-get into the zone
-gotta get of your feet, keep dancing to the beat
-get on, when the beat goes on. get on, till the break of dawn
-get ready, for my love
-got to get started
-you make me get that fever
-all I wanna do is get through 2 you
-get up, got to get on down
-gimme what you got, you've got what it takes
-gimme your love
-just give a little love
-I wanna give it 2 u every night
-gotta give it up
-give me what you got
-give me faith
-give me some lovin
-I need some love, give me your love

-you keep it goin on strong
-got 2 be rich and have some money
-got 2 have u (1)
-got 2 have u (2) (variation)
-you got 2 move on now
-I got 2 rock on
-you got 2 treat me right tonight
-we got it goin on, we got a little something goin on strong
-you got me really goin
-got that fever
-i got u on my mind
-you've what it takes, you've got what I need
-greatest show on earth
-groove on
-harder faster stronger longer
-have a celebration (1) across the nation
-let's have a celebration (2) tonight. alright
-sometimes you're heaven. sometimes you're hell
-hey deejay, I wanna go dance now
-hey dj, make my day
-gotta hold on to you love
-wanna hold u in my arms tonight, wanna hold u in my arms so tight
-it's only human nature

-I am suck it 2 ya
-I got u on my mind
-I have been around the world
-I just can't wait another day. I just can't wait to break away
-I like 2 boogie tonight
-I like 2 luv u now
-I need someone
-I need u so much. I want you so much
-I need u 2 nite. I know I gotta treat you right.
-I need your love. I need your touch.
-I need your touch, I want it so much
-I can see it in your eyes, i can see it in your smile
-I see the future in your eyes
-I'm in and out of love
-I'm in control
-I'm in the mood for love
-In the mornin light
-In the nite
-In the zone
-In your arms is where i wanna be
-see it in your eyes it comes as no surprise
-you turn me inside out
-gettin into the groove makes my booty move
-it is up to you, so do what you wanna do
-this can't be wrong, it feels so true
-it is you I always wanted. It is you I never had
-it's over now
-it's the way you make me feel

-I see your jealous eyes
-you gotta justify
-you keep me movin on
-leave it all behind
-let me go just set me free
-let me into your heart
-let me luv u
-let me stay the night
-you lift me off my feet you make me feel the heat
-you liftin me higher
-you treat me like a fool
-nothing flows like liquid
-listen to what i gotta say
-listen 2 the groove it will make your body move
-gotta listen 2 the radio show
-listen to the show on your radio
-gotta listen 2 your heart
-I wanna live my life in harmony. I wanna live my life, so let me be
-let me live my life my way
-listen to the show on your local radio
-I'm losin control
-I'm losin gravity
-love really hurts
-love is the key
-love love love
-love me
-gimme some lovin, your dirty freaky lovin. gimme some lovin 2nite
-luv u till u drop. Just won't stop

-I said uhu, you make me feel so blue
-make me feel so nice, feel like paradise
-make me wanna uhh uhh
-you make my life complete
-makes we wanna scream. makes me wanna shout
-miss u so badly I miss u so bad
-move on
-keep movin on now
-music is what I need. music is what I want
-funky music on my mind
-you must be an angel
-It's my life
-I need somebody (1)
-I need somebody (2), somebody to love
-I need u tonite. Need all your love tonight
-I need you tonite. Wanna hold you tight
-I need your body baby
-I need your luv, I need your touch
-I need your touch
-no I never fall in love again
-never wanna say goodbye
-there is no 1 like u for me
-no time 2 waste, gonna make it this time

-oh good lookin
-you're the only one 4 me. By your side is where I wanna be
-now you're out of my mind, out of my life
-I can't get you out of my mind
-out of the blue
-coming out of the rain
-party everybody, party come on party
-gimme peace of mind cause it's so hard to find
-come on play it one more time
-you gotta pump it up
-don't try to push my love
-you got to keep on pushin
-pushin 2 the top. I can't stop. moving to the top, I can't stop now
-radio (1)
-radio (2) (variation)
-radio show
-rain keeps falling down
-got to get ready 4 my luv (1)
-are you ready ready 4 my luv (2)
-you give me reason 2 live
-show some respect now
-gotta respect yourself
-ride the train, ride the crazy train
-got to rise 2 the occasion
-you got to rise up
-rock my body
-let's rock tonite to the morning light
-rock you like a lady
-everybody rock your body

-saturday night
-sometimes there is no second chance
-can you see the sign
-see the tears falling down
-set me free, that's all I wanna be
-you're my sexy dancer
-sexy sexy sexy
-shake down
-shake that shake
-shake till you break like a piece of cake. shake till you break like an earth-quake
-shout it out loud
-show me
-show me your luv
-shut up n dance, throw up your hands
-I'm so tired of playing this game. sick and tired it's always the same
-feel so wonderful by your side
-so young, young love
-gimme some lovin everyday
-gimme some lovin 2 nite
-our love is not some kind of fantasy
-I've waited so long for someone like u
-riding with the speed of sound
-let me stand by your side
-stomp your feet and bomb to the beat
-supersonic sound
-music, gimme sweet music

-take me to your love
-so tasty, got to taste it
-you're only teasin (1)
-you're only teasin (2) me (variation)
-tell me that you really love me
-tell me why you make me cry
-thats right
-right into the break of dawn (1)
-On and on to the break of dawn (2)
-the heat is on now
-you're the only one for me
-the sun is shinin can you feel the heat
-welcome to the universe of sound
-when you do the things that u do to me
-rockin all through the nite
-time is on our side
-now we're together, together forever
-tonite isn't just any night
-I wanna touch u all over your body
-touch u n hold u and tease you and please you
-wanna touch ya all over your body
-treat me right, stay the night
-turn me on

-universal luv
-waited 4 u for so long. I've waited for you till you came along
-got to wake up now
-I need your love tonight, wanna do it right.
-wanna have it all, gotta have it all
-wanna live my life
-I want u tonite to come to me tonight
-we got the funk
-what can I do, I can't stop loving you
-tell me what u r thinkin come on
-what u see is what you get
-what's my name, say my name
-when you stand in front of my eyes I feel so paralyzed (1)
-when you stand in front of my eyes I feel so paralyzed (2) (variation)
-when I hear the music play, it makes me wanna sway
-when the sun goes down
-when will I see you again
-when will u stop playin your game
-I just wonder why
-why did you do that thing to me
-riding with the speed of sound
-feel so blue without you
-won't you be my baby

-yeah sexy
-I just keep yearning for your love
-you are the one I want you are the one I need. You are the one I like, you are the only one
-you drive me crazy baby, out of my mind honey
-you give me pleasure
-you really got me
-you got what it takes to make my heart ache
-don't go away you have 2 stay
-you look so fine gonna make you mine
-you make me feel it, feel it, feel it
-you make me feel all so real
-you make me high all so high
-you make me wanna dance, you knock me off my feet. Dance dance dance it's the body heat
-now you r out of my mind out of my sight
-you r the only one
-you really turn me on
-your luv is like ecstasy to me
-I like your style. It drives me crazy, it drives me wild

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